About Spang

Spang is a full-service creative production studio based in Richmond, VA -- shooting around the world. Home to a diverse and dynamic family of filmmakers, editors, colorists, and producers we approach each project with the goal of making something unforgettable. Whether we are crafting branded content, commercials, web and social assets, or documentary film, our process is inclusive, collaborative, and fun.
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    Melanie Cox

    Executive Producer

    It all started one day at the fair. A director asked Melanie to fill in for a live commentator. An emergency understudy became a protege and, 25 years later, production has been her sole vocation.

    After a few years in educational television and a decade at another production company, she founded Spang in 2002. That masters degree – half media and half MBA – really paid off.

    She wants nothing more than to do good work for good people and have fun doing it.

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    Jordan Rodericks

    Director // Senior Producer

    Jordan makes pictures that move and never really stops working.

    A classically trained documentary filmmaker, Jordan won a Capital Emmy Award even before graduating from university.

    His creative energy is galvanizing, his interests are diverse, and as a result Jordan has become an highly-requested director for Spang -- a director with a camera, who's always up for some travel.

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    Erin Surber


    After graduating from Clemson in 2009 with a BS in Food Science, she moved to Richmond and promptly did zilch with that degree. When she's not on set, you might find her hiking in the Blue Ridge or suspended in a hammock near a tent.

    She loves a good wine, a good dark chocolate and her husband Richard – a guy so impossibly nice you'd swear he's fictional.

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    Maggie Melton

    Post Producer

    If you've turned on a television, you've seen Maggie's work. It's reality she's based in and that's good for your project, because we're not working in fantasy -- unless you need that, because she has someone to help with that too.

    Graphics, animations, edits, and color, she keeps it all online and on time. And in the meantime, ask her about Shark Week.

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    David Muessig

    Editor in Chief

    David washed up on the banks of the James River, with a hacked Canon camera and gimbal in hand. Before he could legally consume his first Modelo, David had an impressive reel, and in the years that have followed, he's put the professional shine on virtually every Spang project. Steadicam, editorial, power-window packed colorist -- David has all the skills of an accomplished filmmaker, because he is an accomplished filmmaker.